Creating A Cleaning Schedule

At Home Sorted! we cannot stress the importance of a good cleaning schedule enough. 

With the right plan in place, you can take your home from disaster zone to display home clean. 

Do you want to know how? 

Read on, as we show you how to create a cleaning schedule you’ll actually follow. 

Complete daily maintenance

It’s important to maintain your home and cleaning schedule daily. This may seem daunting and like a massive task, but if you get the whole family involved, you’ll see it’s really quite simple. 

Create individual room charts

Start by creating individual room charts for every task that needs to be completed. You can separate these charts by day and family member. This allows you to delegate chores amongst your family members. 

For example, kitchen chores may include setting the table, clearing the table, sweeping, drying dishes, preparing dinner, etc. 

A quick tip is to rotate the jobs daily. By swapping up jobs regularly, they will appear a little more exciting and new. 

Involve your kids when creating the cleaning schedule

Encourage your kids to become more involved with their chores by allowing them to assist in the creation of their individual room charts (as listed above). Your kids will also develop a clearer understanding of what needs to be completed. 

If you choose, you can offer a reward or incentive for completing chores without complaint. This is of course, completely up to you. 

Remember to follow the individual chore charts daily to ensure a beautifully sorted home. A clean home will ensure you feel more comfortable and relaxed as you enjoy much needed ‘down time’ after a long day. 

Create monthly cleaning schedules

Along with daily maintenance, you need to give your home a thorough clean every month (if not more often). 

Consider creating additional charts for each room and the tasks that need to be completed. Monthly maintenance should include, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors. 

If your home is large, consider breaking the monthly cleaning schedule across two weekends or days that suit your schedule. You can schedule the bedrooms and bathrooms for one day and then the living areas and kitchen for another. 

Once you’ve decided on how and when you’re going to complete your cleaning schedule, write these dates and times in your diary or calendar. Think of them as non negotiable tasks!


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