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It’s so easy to tidy up your home…or is it? Learn why you simply can’t get motivated!


What Is a

My Home Sorted! Workshop?

Let’s face it – we’re busy!

Our careers, commitments, obligations and all the fun bits too, leave our homes (and our minds) full of extra stuff that simply piles up!

Add to this mix our partners and/or kids schedules and commitments, and soon enough you’ll struggle to even find the couch to sit on of an evening.

Life is busy, and our weekends should not be filled with a long to do list when it comes to sorting your home. This will simply leaving you feeling pressured, and overwhelmed with the ‘where to start’ becoming so big…that eventually you’ll simply abandon the tasks.

We have been sorting homes for over 20 years! Yes, we understand homes/space/layout, but more importantly we’ve learnt to understand people. We’ve seen large house with only one adult tenant terribly over cluttered, through to a tiny one bedroom apartment neat on the external, but internally every cupboard is jam packed with stuff.

You see it’s actually not about the clutter at all…it’s about you and your routine. It’s about your family and their routine… and sometimes it’s even about our pets and their routine! 

Let us educate you further, join our FREE live workshop, an online session where you’ll learn in a relaxed and judgment free environment about yourself and your habits…so that you can finally live clutter free daily.


Learn About Your

Clutter Personality Type

…and how this discovery will help you to create clutter free habits!

What Does the Workshop Include?

Our fun and relaxed workshop will uncover your key habits and personality traits, all contributing to your built up clutter! 

How To

Sort According to Your Habits

How To

Earn Back Free Time

How To

Apply Quick & Easy Tips

How To

Sort Your Home Practically

How To

Sort Your Space...Then Your Stuff

How To

Change Daily Habits for Long Lasting Results

Where to start? 

We’ll teach you how to look internally, so that you can do more externally…

Real Results

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Step Three

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You’ll Be Able To Apply All That You’ve Learnt to Create Order.