Bring Order To Your Home Garage With These Solutions

We all accumulate clutter and often our home garage is one of the worst culprits. It can also feel unavoidable. 

If this is hitting close to home, the big question to ask yourself is: how does this clutter make you feel?

We’re certain it doesn’t leave you calm and relaxed – which is why we’re sharing ways to bring order to your home garage with our favourite solutions. 

Are you simply a disorganised person? 

Many of us would like to say we’re organised, but our homes tell a different story. You may not notice clutter accumulating or that you’re spending more hours each week sorting and cleaning – but it’s happening. Add to this the fast-paced society we live within and suddenly your home is out of control. You may even feel that you’ll never get on top of your disorganisation. 


Change starts here. Yes, right here. By admitting that you are disorganised, you’re also setting the tone to change. Great work reaching this step! 

Is your home garage a dumping ground? 

Are you someone who is running out of storage within your home? Do you find yourself dumping everything without a proper space inside your home garage? Maybe, you find yourself muttering ‘out of sight, out of mind’… While this may seem like a good strategy right now, it’s not one that will serve you well in the long term! 


If you want to feel in control of your space, you will need to change a few behaviours, including:

  • Not dumping excess items in your home garage
  • Sorting and decluttering your home garage (this will give you a great starting point for storage)

It’s as simple as that! 

Are you nervous about creating order?

Has the clutter within your home garage been steadily growing? This often comes with feelings of dread and overwhelm when considering creating order. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. 


To create order within your home garage you will need to make a start. This is often the first step to overcoming nervous feelings – but we also understand that it’s going to be the hardest. It’s ok if you’re feeling apprehensive or unsure where to begin. The team at Home Sorted! are here to assist, but we’ll get to that later… 

Does your home garage lack storage? 

When you step into your home garage are you welcomed by storage solutions or is your space a free for all with boxes and gadgets stacked at every turn? The only way to bring order to your home garage is by creating and following a storage system that is designed for your unique needs. 


What does the perfect storage system look like? As we said above this will differ from home garage to home garage. However, we always recommend increasing vertical storage (shelves, hooks, peg boards) to free up floor space. This will also prevent hazards as you’ll no longer be tripping over bits and pieces as you try and find the item you need. Large plastic containers are also perfect for sorting and storing items – these can be stacked on shelves and keep items safe from dust and mould. 

No matter the solution you choose, it’s best to aim for one that suits your home and increases feelings of calm. 


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