Benefits of Holding a Garage Sale

We’re sure you don’t need any convincing, but keep reading for our top 6 reasons why you should hold a garage sale. 

1. You can get rid of clutter without leaving the house

Do we really need to say more? The best thing about garage sales is that you don’t need to box up all your unwanted items and transport them to a charity store or rubbish tip. 

Once you’ve advertised your garage sale and chosen which items you want to get rid of, you simply have to cart them to your front lawn or driveway. Sounds pretty great to us! 

2. You can turn unwanted items into cash to treat yourself

We’re not going to lie, but a pocket full of extra cash to treat yourself is an excellent motivator for holding a garage sale. 

3. You can make room for items you really love

Chances are you have a whole bunch of items you don’t really care about. Why keep holding on to these items when you can make room to showcase and cherish the ones you really love? 

Also, getting rid of excess clutter will drastically reduce the time spent cleaning each week. If that’s not a win-win we don’t know what is. 

4. The whole family can be involved

Garage sales are a great way to get the whole family involved in decluttering the home. Start by giving each family member a cardboard box to fill up with items they no longer want or need. You’ll be surprised how quickly these boxes will fill.  

5. You can team up with your neighbours to attract more buyers

If you’re worried about the logistics of holding a garage sale consider teaming up with your neighbours to hold a larger one. This will reduce advertising costs and can potentially help attract more buyers as garage sale goers often visit more than one sale at a time. 

6. You can watch your old items find new homes 

Have you ever experienced the wonderful feeling when you see someone find life in an item you no longer need? Garage sales allow you the chance to see new people fall in love with your pre-loved goods.

Finally, if garage sales are not your idea of a good time, you can always try your hand at selling unwanted goods online. There are numerous Facebook buy and sell groups along with websites such as eBay and Gumtree that are perfect for turning your trash into another person’s treasure. 

Go on, get rid of your clutter today! 


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