Bedroom Sorting Tips for Everyone

Most people fall in one of two categories: those who love organising and those who don’t. 

Which category do you relate to most? 

Whether you love or dislike organising, we have plenty of tips to help everyone get their bedroom sorted. 

  • Fix your bed each morning

The easiest way to start getting organised is to fix your bed each morning – as soon as you get up. Fixing your bed only takes five minutes and will help you feel prepared to start the day right. 

Fixing your bed will also help promote healthy sleep. After all, who doesn’t like climbing into a fresh bed every night. You can also make your bed more appealing by decorating it with scatter cushions or a soft blanket in complementary colours. 

  • De-clutter personal belongings

The easiest way to get your bedroom sorted is to declutter personal belongings. Are you hoarding three of the same item and only need one? Or do you have a whole drawer full of clothes that no longer fit? These should be the first items to go. 

Also consider getting rid of any items that you have not used for six to 12 months. If you haven’t used it in a year, chances are you won’t ever use it.

When decluttering your bedroom, keep high quality items that you no longer need/want in one pile. These can be donated to charity or passed along to friends and family. 

  • Utilise under bed storage

This point is especially important for those with small bedrooms. Don’t let the space under your bed go to waste. Instead, invest in under bed storage such as baskets or containers. 

Under bed storage can be used in a multitude of ways. Consider storing seasonal clothes you won’t need until next season, books, paperwork or even shoes. The opportunities are endless. 

  • Organise bedroom drawers by clothing type

Simplify your morning routine by organising bedroom drawers by clothing type – also ensuring that all items are folded neatly. 

With organised drawers, you’ll be able to find what you need and get dressed in half the time it would normally take you. 

  • Place a shoe rack in the wardrobe 

The bottom of the wardrobe is often forgotten about when organising the bedroom. Place a shoe rack in the wardrobe to extend the available space. This way you’ll be able to fit twice as many shoes. 

Are you ready to get your bedroom sorted now? 


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