Bedroom Maintenance Sorted

Here’s the scenario. 

You’ve spent hours, days, even weekends across many weeks sorting your bedroom to near perfection. You know where everything is located. Your sheets are crisp. There is not a skerrick of dust to be seen. 

But how do you maintain such a wonderful bedroom? 

Bedroom maintenance is of equal importance to the sorting and organising process and it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Below are a few simple steps to adopt of a daily basis. 

  1. Hang your clothes – get into a habit of hanging your clothes, or placing them in the wash as soon as you remove them. 
  2. Make your bed of a morning – it’s such a small step, but going to be at night in a freshly made bed makes a huge impact. It also helps to start your day with a clearer mind!
  3. Keep your bedroom clear – whenever you use an item, books, slippers, etc. be sure to return them to their place immediately.
  4. Dust and vacuum your bedroom regularly – if you see a pile of dust building you’re probably not cleaning your bedroom often enough.

Along with keeping up bedroom maintenance on a daily basis, you also need to give more thorough attention monthly. 

  1. Tidy and sort your wardrobe – give your wardrobe a once over and ensure that all items are on coat hangers in order. Anything that is not in it’s place should be returned. 
  2. Fold items kept inside your drawers – it’s very easy for your drawers to turn into a pile of mess. Spend ten minutes refolding any clothes that need to be refolded. 
  3. Pay attention to your bed – use a cloth to remove any dust that may have built up. Change your sheets and if you’re feeling inspired consider rearranging cushions or other decorative items within the bedroom. 
  4. Dust all furniture – you will need to give your entire bedroom suite a dust. Don’t forget to dust your bedside tables, lamps, dressing table, and any other free standing furniture you may have. Don’t forget to dust your personal trinkets and items within the bedroom. These too can create dust build up. 
  5. Vacuum and mop the bedroom – finally it’s important to give the floors a good clean. Vacuum and mop (if you have floorboards etc.) your bedroom floor, remember to pay attention to the corners in the room and under the bed. 


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