Bathroom Tips for Busy Families

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word bathroom?

Mess? Chore? Disaster zone? 

If any of those words ring true to you, we can relate! 

Follow these simple steps to ensure your bathroom stays sorted during the busiest of weeks. 

Ensure every family member has a towel rack

Every family member needs somewhere to hand their bath towel and more often than not, bathrooms simply don’t have enough towel racks. Reduce the urge to throw damp towels across the floor and bath by installing extra rods on your pre-existing towel rack. If this is not possible, consider investing in a free standing or over the door towel rack. These are really great options for those who rent their homes and are short on space. 

Keep a washing basket on hand

Just like damp towels, it’s super tempting to throw worn clothes across the bathroom floor. Who wants to walk them ALL the way to the laundry, or pick them up after the rest of the family? No one! Keep a washing basket on hand in the bathroom to make the process simple. There is no excuse not to throw dirty clothes into the basket as they’re removed. 

Store appliances safely

The bathroom has almost become a battle zone of appliances. From hair dryers, hair straighteners, electric toothbrushes, shavers, there is an endless list of potential hazards in any given bathroom. 

Ensure appliances are stored safely by investing in some hooks for your bathroom wall. You can use hooks to hang heat styling products safely out of the way, also reducing the risk of them coming in contact with water. 

 Reduce clutter on benches and shelves

Every month take a waste basket into your bathroom and complete a thorough check and clear out of products. If your bathroom is anything like ours, there are often tubes of unwanted products forgotten about in the back of cupboards and taking up valuable space on shelves. These need to go! 

The easiest way to keep your bathroom sorted and functioning well is to remove any excess clutter on benches and shelves. Aim to only keep the most used products within reach. Anything else can be stored in a slightly higher or lower shelf. 

How’s your bathroom looking? 


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