Back to School Study Sorted

It’s that time of the year again when kids and teenagers head back into classrooms around the country. 

We hope they’re all prepared for school, but what about at home? Do you have a study set up for homework? Is this area stocked with all the study essentials? 

If you’ve answered no to any of the questions above, keep reading as we discuss how to get back to school study sorted. 

To create a study space, follow these handy tips. 

  1. Decide where the study space will be located

Does your child have a desk in their bedroom? Will you share the home office with them? Remember to consider noise levels when deciding where to set up the study. Also consider distractions like the television and gaming consoles. If possible set up the study area in the quietest area of the house.  

  • Ensure there is a desk and comfortable chair

We cannot stress enough, how important a comfortable chair is. Look for ones that are ergonomic for the highest level of comfort. 

  • Allow for adequate storage space

Archive boxes are a great option in this instance as they can be used to store all manner of items and they look fantastic stacked beside a desk or on desk shelves. We also recommend investing in some kind of drawers. These are handy for keeping loose stationary items, notebooks and other items out of the way. 

  • Give your child a chance to personalise the area

This tip is incredibly important. If you create a study area that your children dislike, it will be even harder to get them to concentrate on their homework. 

When making decisions regarding the space, ask your children for their opinions, they’re bound to know what they will need and won’t need better than anyone else. 

  • Keep a backup supply of stationary

Always keep a backup supply of stationary stowed away for when pens and notebooks run out. 

You can use a bottom drawer or separate archive box for spare odds and ends. You’ll be thanking yourself for taking the initiative when your son’s notebook runs out at 9pm of a Tuesday night.  

Together these small steps and tips will enable you to be back to school study sported! 


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