Are You Making These Refrigerator Mistakes

It doesn’t matter where you store food in the refrigerator, right? Wrong! Storing items in the incorrect place can cause them to ripen too quickly and even spoil other foods. With a few swift changes you can ensure this doesn’t happen, so you and your family have fresh food at your fingertips. 

Make sure you’re not making these refrigerator mistakes. 

Storing fruits and vegetables together

The crisper is designed to maintain the moist environment that will help preserve your fruits and vegetables. Just don’t mix them together. Some fruits produce chemicals that helps them to ripen. But this can have a roll on effect, in that it ripens everything around it, causing your vegetables to to spoil quickly. 

Keep fruit and vegetables fresh longer by storing in separate crisper compartments. 

Keeping milk and eggs in the door

As a general rule, dairy should not be stored in the door of your refrigerator. The door is the warmest part of the refrigerator and should be left to foods that are most resistant to spoiling. This means no dairy! 

You should only keep items that can withstand fluctuations in temperature such as condiments and juices in the door. 

Placing meat in different areas

It’s important to designate an area of the refrigerator to store meat. This will prevent the raw meat’s bacteria from spreading throughout your refrigerator. 

The lower shelves are the ideal spot for meat, seafood, eggs and other dairy items. This is generally the coolest part of the refrigerator and these foods will thank you for keeping them chilly. 

Place all meat items together in the original packaging and remember to clean this section of your refrigerator regularly. 

Stashing leftovers in every nook and cranny

It’s tempting to stash leftovers wherever you can find room for them. However, the best option is to store leftovers and other food items that do not need to be cooked on the top shelves. 

The top shelves have the most consistent temperatures within the refrigerator and will keep that leftover Chinese ready for you! You should also store ready-to-eat foods here, including drinks, deli meats, berries and hummus. 

Do you have refrigerator mistakes to rectify? Use this as a handy reminder to organize your refrigerator. This way, you’re guaranteed to get the longest life out of your food. 


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