Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen

A full kitchen renovation many not be in your budget, but it doesn’t mean you can’t refresh your kitchen. 

There are plenty of quick, easy and inexpensive ways to bring new life into your kitchen. And in some ways, make it feel less cluttered and new! 

Read on for our top 6 affordable ways to refresh your kitchen.

1 Switch up your utensil canister

You can find affordable utensil canisters in a range of materials in every home wares store. Ensure your kitchen bench is clutter free by ensuring all your utensils have a home. 

We particularly like canisters in block colours that compliment your kitchen design. But really, the choices are endless. 

2 Replace your drawer dividers

We don’t realise just how grimy our kitchen drawer dividers can become. They’re usually full of cutlery and out of view. If yours won’t scrub up clean, consider replacing them for that ‘wow it’s clean’ factor. 

3 Use bright coloured tea towels

A simple way to refresh your kitchen is with accessories. These include tea towels and oven mitts. Use bright coloured tea towels to add brightness to your kitchen. 

You can even tie a colour scheme into your kitchen with a range of items, including your utensil canister as discussed in point 1. 

4 Remove excessive take away menus

Does your refrigerator resemble a take away menu haven? Reduce kitchen clutter by purchasing a four ring binder or folder and storing your take away menus inside. 

Separate them into food type or delivery area to ensure they’re easy to find when hunger strikes. 

5 Sort your pantry with air tight containers

Nothing feels quite as fresh as fresh food – especially when it’s sorted in your pantry. 

Air tight containers are an affordable way to store your food and will provide you with a strong sense of calm and order. You can even label them to make finding food easy for the whole family. 

6 Create a whiteboard shopping list

Do you find yourself with several shopping lists on the go? Can you never remember which food items your family told you they needed?

A whiteboard shopping list can be a fantastic alternative. Position one on your fridge door or free wall space. When it’s time to go grocery shopping simply take a photo of the list on your phone or copy it down onto paper.


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