A Practical Medicine Cabinet

When was the last time you decluttered or organised your medicine cabinet? If you’re anything like most, it’s been too long. But you’re in luck! 

We’ve put together our top tips for organising your medicine cabinet. Use these and you’ll always know where to find a Band-Aid when the need strikes. 

Remove all items from your cabinet

Start by removing all items from inside your medicine cabinet – and we mean everything. This includes medicines and general bathroom products that may have migrated into the medicine section of your cabinet. 

Once you’ve removed all items, you need to declutter. To do this, we recommend checking labels for their best before date and removing anything that has expired. The same goes for bandages that may be damaged or already used and any items that you no longer need. 

Decide where to store everything 

Next up – you need to decide where to store everything within your medicine cabinet. We recommend storing your most used products on the middle and lower shelves of your medicine cabinet – as these are generally the easiest to access places. 

Items that you don’t use frequently can be stored in the remaining spaces. 

Use containers to sort EVERYTHING

Our favourite step is using containers to store and sort everything! We love grouping similar items together and storing in containers, or glass jars – with the latter being especially great for products in tubes. 

We also recommend using transparent containers so you can see what you’re storing inside. These are particularly great for cotton balls, buds and small Band-Aid strips. 

Consider creating a portable first aid kit

Lastly, we believe that every bathroom can benefit from two first aid kits – with one being a small, portable version. In here you can keep frequently used medicines, Band-Aids and bandages that can be grabbed and applied quickly in an emergency. You could also choose to store a kit like this one in your kitchen. 

The second first aid kit is your fully comprehensive one where you will keep a whole array of products for all sorts of medical needs. 

Have we inspired you to sort your medicine cabinet? We sure hope so! 


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