8 Ways To Sort and Store Tricky Items

If you have found yourself spending more time sorting your home, you’re bound to have stumbled across several tricky items. 

You may be having trouble deciding how to sort or store them – but the good news is that no item is too tricky for us. Here we outline simple steps to sort and store a handful of common items. 

Children’s toys

Children’s toys are truly magical. In the time it takes you to blink your eyes, they have multiplied and are taking up space all around your home. Get your children’s toy collection in order by keeping a large basket in your living room. Use this to toss any miscellaneous items inside before asking your children to collect theirs and return to the bedrooms. 

As far as bedroom toy storage goes, we recommend large baskets, tubs, drawers, and toy chests. Try and keep your toy storage as simple as possible to ensure your children are motivated to place items back where they belong. 

Food storage containers 

Food storage containers don’t need to be tricky. Stack containers inside of each other by size and type.

Next, using drawer dividers or a simple plate racks to stack lids vertically. This should also be done by size and type to make it easy to find a match. 

Underwear and socks

Your underwear and socks are best sorted and stored separately. If possible, use a drawer for each or at a minimum divide a drawer in half so you can concentrate on both underwear and socks separately. 

The best way to keep your underwear sorted is to utilise drawer dividers or inserts with multiple small openings. This way you can roll or fold each pair before placing them into their own designated space. Also look for bra organisers that allow you to store bras in a single row while keeping cups in shape. Trust us, you won’t think of these as tricky items anymore! 

Your email inbox

Are you greeted with chaos each time you open your inbox? You’re not alone. Get yours sorted today by creating a folder system for each area of your personal and work life. Of course, it will take time to create each folder and manually sort through emails, but once you have a system in place, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner! 

Just be sure to spend five minutes each day filing your emails so you’re never greeted by chaos again. 

Your handbag

If your handbag resembles a junk store it’s time to act – and it doesn’t have to be tricky. Our top tip is using a handbag insert with multiple compartments. These are easily purchased from variety stores or online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Once placed within your handbag you can sort each item into its own compartment – ensuring you’ll be well sorted moving forward! 

Better yet, when you need to change a handbag simply pull out the insert and place it into the handbag you currently need. How’s that for convenience? 


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