7 Ways to Reduce Clutter and Simplify Your Life

Are you sick and tired of living with clutter? 

Would you like to come home, after a long day at work, to a tidy and organised home?

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start getting sorted? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, today is your lucky day. We’ve put together seven simple and effective ways to reduce clutter in your home and in turn simplify your life. 

Are you ready? 

  1. Declutter one room a week 

Getting rid of excess clutter is the best place to start. We recommend taking a couple of hours each week to declutter one room of your home. 

Arm yourself with a couple of garbage bags or boxes and sort excess items into three categories – donate to charity, give to family and friends, and lastly, trash.

This will provide you with a blank slate to keep sorted moving forward. 

  1. Create a laundry system for your family

Ensure your laundry is organised by teaching your family to use a laundry system. 

We recommend using multiple washing baskets for each kind of laundry. This can be split into whites, darks and colours. Teaching your family members to separate their washing into the appropriate baskets, will not only save everyone time in the long run, but it makes the laundry process that much easier! 

  1. Store important numbers in one place

Get organised in case of an emergency by creating a chart or notebook for important numbers and information. This can include medical information, contact details for doctors, or other healthcare professionals. 

  1. Recycle your junk mail daily 

Junk mail, newspapers and magazines can build up quickly if you’re not careful. Do a quick search through the house each evening to ensure you’ve moved any excess papers to the recycling bin. 

  1. Live with less 

If clutter is taking a toll on your life, consider living with less. One way of achieving this is through a capsule wardrobe. Multiple studies have shown that reducing the number of decisions you have to make each day – in this case what to wear – helps to simplify your life and build satisfaction into your day. Sounds pretty great to us. 

  1. Plan your meals in advance 

Stop wasting precious time by planning your menu for the week in advance. This also allows you to simplify the grocery shopping experience, and take full advantage of the food in your pantry. 

  1. Put everything back in its place 

Lastly, reduce clutter and simplify your life by ensuring that everything if put back in its place after each use. It sounds simple – and it really is! 


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