7 Easy Ways to Sort Your Linen Cupboard

Have you sorted your linen cupboard lately? 

While it may not be the most obvious place to declutter and organise – getting this done will make your life a hundred times easier and leave you wondering why you didn’t take the step sooner. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

  • Get rid of items you don’t need

Start by decluttering your current collection of linen and towels. If you no longer use an item, now is the time to cut it up into rags for cleaning, donate to charity or send to the trash. 

  • Organise your linen in sets

A great way to keep your linen cupboard sorted is to organise your linen into sets. You can also choose to store the required items for each set inside a pillowcase – meaning you’ll always be able to grab a full set with confidence. 

  • Sort by shelf

Next up is your shelves! We recommend sorting items by shelf with your least used items on the higher shelves. 

At a bare minimum, you should aim to use one shelf for sheets and another shelf for towels.

  • Use labels where possible

Once your shelves are sorted, labels make it easy to know where to return items from the wash. These can be fixed to the shelf itself or hung on baskets as our next point outlines.

  • Keep order with baskets

If you find yourself struggling to keep loose items together in your linen cupboard, consider keeping order with baskets. These can be great for miscellaneous storage items, spare cleaning products, or pet products. You can even hang a label from the basket to ensure everyone knows what’s inside. 

  • Store bulky items on the bottom shelf

Does your linen cupboard double as a home for your vacuum cleaner? Store bulky items on the bottom shelf to ensure that they’re kept as neat and organised as possible.

  • Do a quick tidy each week 

Finally, we recommend doing a quick tidy of your linen cupboard each week. An ideal time is when the beds in your house have their sheets changed as you can quickly take stock of any clutter that has developed and get on top of it asap. 


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