6 Ways to Sort Your Kitchen Pantry

Now more than ever, people are looking towards projects around the home and ways to organise their day to day life. 

In this piece, we share our top 8 ways to sort your kitchen pantry. Are you ready to design the pantry of your dreams? 

  1. Declutter and sort 

To get started you will need to declutter and sort. What this means is removing everything from your pantry – your kitchen bench or table is a great place to stack everything in the meantime – and get rid of any items your family are never going to eat. 

  1. Remove out of date items 

Just like the step above, the same goes for out of date items. We recommend checking the best before date of each tin or packet as you take it out of your pantry to save time. 

  1. Group foods together

The next step involves grouping foods together for storage and there are two main ways of doing this. You can choose to group foods by type or mealtime. 

While grouping foods by type is pretty self-explanatory, the mealtime approach requires some extra thought as you will be storing food that you typically use for each meal. For example, you may have a breakfast section where you store cereals, bread and spreads. 

  1. Use clear storage 

Once you’ve chosen your method of sorting, we recommend using airtight containers or glass jars to store dry non-perishable foods such as pasta, rice, cereal and biscuits. 

  1. Label everything

It’s also a good idea to label these very same container or jars – it may seem a bit like overkill, but it’s a great way to ensure everyone in your family is on the same page. And you’ll also know which foods you’re running short on.

  1. Consider a basket for snacks

Lastly, if you’re like most families a simple basket can be an effective way to store pre-portioned snacks. Simply pop them into the basket and keep on a shelf that everyone in your family can reach. 

You’ll thank us in the long run when your family are grabbing their own post-learning nibbles. 

Have we inspired you to tackle your kitchen pantry? We sure hope so! 


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