6 Ways to Improve Your Home Office and Feel Great About It

For many people, home office organisation is not something you think about – until it’s too late. Your desk may be filled with papers, your computer buried somewhere underneath and let’s not even talk about the back pain your chair is creating and the rubbish bin you haven’t emptied in weeks. 

However, there are several ways you can improve your home office and feel great about it. 

Ensure your setup is ergonomic 

If you’re using a desk and chair that haven’t been optimised for your own height and build – it’s time to think ergonomically. At a minimum your home office should contain a desk with plenty of room for all the equipment you need. Your office chair should allow you to sit in a neutral posture with both feet flat on the floor. This will allow you to sit for hours at a time without putting strain on your body. 

How you’ll feel

There’s no denying the power of an ergonomic home office set up. You’re bound to feel comfortable, efficient, and ready to tackle any task thrown your way! 

Keep your workspace clutter free 

Once you have your workspace sorted, it’s time to keep it clutter free. Remove unnecessary items and distractions – these won’t help you or your family focus on what they are trying to complete. You may also utilise paper trays or stationary holders to keep items sorted. 

How you’ll feel

Like a well sorted home, you’ll feel calm and relaxed when you sit down at a clutter free workspace. 

File your documents 

Whether you work with hard copy or electronic documents, it’s vital that you create and maintain a system that works for you. We recommend folders, separated by type and a diligent habit of ensuring each file is sorted and stored at the end of the day. While it may seem like a hefty task to complete daily – you’ll thank yourself when it becomes a habit, and you save time in the long run. 

How you’ll feel

Sorted files are guaranteed to have you feeling empowered, productive, and simply great! Isn’t that how we all want to feel anyway? 

Manage your mail 

Like filing documents is the importance of managing your mail. Create a space where mail is placed each day – or a time when you sort through emails – and a system to stay on top of it. No longer will you worry about misplaced bills or forgotten school forms. 

How you’ll feel

No one wants to be held back by piles of mail. Simple tweaks will allow you to free up your time and mind for the activities that matter most. 

Organise your cords

Any home office will be filled with cords! They’re unavoidable and can be a large source of clutter if not organised effectively. We recommend using cable management systems (or cable ties) to twist and sort each cable behind your desk. This will also double to prevent hazards should small hands go exploring.  

How you’ll feel

Sorted – there’s no other way of expressing this feeling. Simply sorted! 

Empty your trash – daily 

Finally, the most simple and easiest way to improve your home office is to empty your trash and remove any items that don’t belong – daily! This can be achieved by taking two to five minutes at the end of each day and doing a quick once over of your home office. 

How you’ll feel

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a well sorted space. You feel calm, relaxed, and ready to start the day… Well, this is precisely how you’ll feel once you get into the habit of emptying your trash each day. Trust us on this one!  


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