6 Tips for a Tidy Bathroom

How do you feel when you walk into your bathroom? 

Are you calm? Is it a peaceful oasis? Or would you describe your bathroom as cluttered chaos? 

If you fall into the latter category, you’re in luck. In this piece we cover our top tips for a tidy bathroom. So, get ready to feel the tranquillity! 

Use a shower caddy

If your shower doesn’t have a built-in shelf, we recommend investing in a shower caddy today. This will allow you to keep bottles and tubes off the shower floor. 

Having a small storage area will also force you to decide which products you really need (and use) and which ones are simply taking up excess space. 

Invest in over the toilet storage

If you haven’t used over the toilet storage before – you’re really missing out. 

This can include free standing shelving units or floating shelves installed above your toilet. Once installed you can use this space to store extra towels, toilet paper, toiletries and the like. 

Store everyday items in glass jars

A fantastic way to keep your bathroom tidy is by storing everyday items, such as cotton buds, cotton balls and tubes of toothpaste, in glass jars or cups. 

Not only do these look tidy if they’re kept on display, but they also serve as a great way to spruce up your medicine cupboard. 

Hang hair tools on hooks

Next up are your hair tools! Keep cords away from water by hanging them from hooks on the side of your bathroom cabinet. 

Ensure you have enough towel hooks

Another tidy tip that is often overlooked is ensuring that you have enough towel hooks for your whole family. This way you can ensure that all towels are being hung up to dry and that there is no excuse for dirty towels on the floor. 

Store bath toys in a bag

Finally, get in control of your kid’s bath toys by storing them in a lingerie or similar mesh bag. 

We recommend hanging this from a hook above the bath or shower to ensure the excess water can drain safely. 

Which tip are you going to try first? 


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