6 Steps to Organising the Perfect Wardrobe

The bedroom is one of the most common areas Home Sorted! customers need help with. For most people, organising their wardrobe can be a nightmare and something they wish to avoid – for as long as possible. 

We’ve compiled a list of steps to ensure you create a perfect wardrobe every single time. 

Step 1 – Remove everything from the wardrobe

You need a blank canvas to create magic. Remove all clothes from the wardrobe and place across the bed. This gives you a large surface to evaluate and work from. 

Step 2 – Sort seasonally 

For most customers, space is the most valuable commodity of their wardrobe. We need to ensure we are using it to their advantage. One way to save space is to sort clothing seasonally. 

Bulky winter clothes can be stored in vacuum bags through the summer months and vice versa with summer clothes in winter. The perk of vacuum bags is that they flatten out and can be stored on top of wardrobes or beneath beds easily. 

Step 3 – Cull items that are no longer wearable 

Clothing items that are too small, too large, or damaged need to be culled. If they’re damaged they should be tossed, but the other items can be donated to friends, family or charity. If items are of special significance, vacuum bags or air tight containers that can be stored in the garage or elsewhere are a good option. 

Step 4 – Order items by clothing type 

When moving items back into the wardrobe – always organise them by clothing type starting with the smallest. This means tops, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, coats. Ordering clothing by type will make it easy to see what is missing from the wardrobe at a later date and will reduce the time it takes to find particular items. 

Step 5 – Organise shoes and accessories

Shoes can be organised with a shoe rack along the bottom of the wardrobe. Always store right and left shoes together along with the most frequently used pairs to the front. 

Ideas for accessory storage include utilising shoeboxes for small items, hanging scarfs on the inside of wardrobe doors, along with jewellery and handbags. 

Step 6 – Stand back and examine

Finally, stand back and examine the wardrobe you have just organised. The goal is to be able to see every item you have organised without having to dig deep towards the back. If you can do this – you’ve just achieved the perfect wardrobe! 


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