6 Easy Bathroom Organisation Ideas

Bathroom organisation doesn’t need to be difficult. With a few nifty ideas, you can transform disorder into a sorted oasis. Are you ready to get your bathroom sorted?

Use a ladder to sort towels

To sort the bathroom, place a ladder against the bathroom wall and use it for hanging towels from each rung. You can use the ladder for fresh towels, or ones that are currently in use depending on the size of the ladder and the size of your family.

For a decorative touch, consider using a progressive ladder that starts wider at the bottom and narrows out towards the top.

Designate a cabinet drawer to each person

For bathroom organisation to work, each family member needs to have a space to keep their toiletries. If possible, designate a cabinet drawer to each person. This allows everyone to keep their products separate (keep communal products in a communal spot) and places responsibility on each person to keep their ‘part’ of the bathroom clean.

Colour code your towel hooks or racks

Do you often find yourself struggling to remember which towel is yours? Hanging space can be quite limited within the bathroom. One effective way of tackling this issue, is to colour code your towel hooks or racks.

Designate a colour to each family member. This is an easy way for everyone to remember where they are supposed to hang their towel to dry and which towel is theirs when hopping out of the shower!

Have a first aid kit in arms reach

It’s important to have a well stocked first aid kit in arms reach at all times. You never know when you or a family member will accidently cut themselves or fall over in the backyard. Keep essentials such as alcohol wipes, Band-Aids, bandages and antiseptic cream in stock always.

Utilise bench space with canisters or jars

For complete bathroom organisation utilise bench space with canisters or jars for loose products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. Not only will this keep your products organised, but they look great too!

Drawer dividers keep everything sorted

Drawer dividers are not just for the kitchen. When used in the bathroom they have the power to completely transform your bathroom organisation. Don’t second guess this one, get sorting instead!


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