5 Ways to Organise Your Laundry Today

Most people don’t place laundry organisation at the top of their priority list. It’s easy to just shut the door and walk away, thinking it will take care of itself or that you’ll get to it another day. 

Stop right there. 

Laundry organisation doesn’t need to be difficult or put off any longer. Instead, we’ve put together five ways to organise your laundry today. 

  • Use three baskets to sort washing 

The number one way to get your laundry organised is to start using three baskets to sort your washing: one for dark items, one for white items and one for coloured items.

By using three baskets you don’t need to worry about sorting your washing when loading it into the machine – it’s already done for you! 

We recommend using labels for each of the baskets to encourage all family members to follow the system when putting their dirty clothing in the wash. You can also use coloured labels to ensure that young children understand. 

  • Store washing powder in jars 

Washing power can be an unsightly mess. Overcome this by storing different washing powders in large glass jars. Not only will this technique preserve the freshness of your washing powder but it allows you to see how much you have left. 

  • Implement a washing schedule

Another great way to keep your laundry organised is to stay on top of your washing. You can do this successfully by implementing a washing schedule that works in line with your lifestyle. 

We recommend putting a load of washing on as you prepare and serve breakfast or dinner each day. 

  • Store cleaning tools and ironing board vertically 

Most people use the laundry to store cleaning tools like indoor brooms and mops, along with their ironing board. A fantastic way to store these tools is with hooks attached to the laundry walls. Vertical storage can be a fantastic way to save space and increase storage in any room of your home! 

  • Air the laundry and washing machine daily

Any well organised laundry needs to be aired on a daily basis to ensure that unpleasant scents, dew or mould doesn’t build up in the laundry. We recommend leaving your washing machine door open for an hour after each cycle. You’ll notice the difference in just a few days. 


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