5 Steps To Declutter Your Home Garage This Weekend

Hands up if you can’t remember the last time you decluttered your home garage? Maybe it was last month, last year, or five years ago. Either way, there is a high chance you’re in good company. 

For most people, the home garage is simply a dumping ground for outdoor items, gardening equipment, tools, bikes, and everything else you don’t have room for in your home. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. All it takes is one weekend and some determination to declutter your home garage and get sorted once and for all.

Read on for 4 steps to declutter your home garage this weekend. 

  • Move everything out

The first step is moving all items out of the home garage. Organise like items into piles or boxes as you remove them. This will make the organising step easier in the long run. 

As you move each item out, ask yourself if you really need the item or if you’re simply storing them for a “rainy day”. If you fall into the latter category, consider donating unwanted items to charity, gifting to friends or family, or placing in the trash.  

  • Clean the space

Now that everything has been removed it is time to give your home garage a thorough clean. And don’t forget the floor – this can be a mecca for car oil stains.  We recommend using a pressure hose to budge difficult stains. 

  • Install shelves 

Next, create storage opportunities in the home garage by installing free standing or built in shelves. Aim for shelves that reach floor to ceiling for the largest volume of storage. 

You can also consider incorporating a work bench for those who are fond of DIY projects. 

Use air tight storage tubs on the shelves to store items as safely as possible. Air tight containers are fantastic for keeping dust out – especially for delicate items like Christmas decorations. 

  • Keep items organised by type

Finally, when placing all items back into the home garage, ensure you keep them organised by type. What’s the point of separating everything only to muddle it all up again? Also consider using labels on both the shelves and storage tubs to assist in relocating items when necessary. 

Now, doesn’t this sound easy? 


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