5 Easter Break Organisation Ideas

How often do you start a long weekend with great intentions to get organised, only to realise it’s time to go back to work before you’ve even started? 

You don’t have to answer. It happens to us all. Thankfully we’re here to help this Easter break with three quick and easy organisation ideas.  

  1. Only organise one room

You know the scenario. You’re hit with the motivation to get your entire home organised and plan to get it done in one weekend – no exceptions. 

Well, we’re all guilty of biting off more than we can chew. But it’s ok to admit you can’t quite get everything finished.  

Instead of feeling guilty for not organising your entire home, commit to only soring one room. If you get one room done in record time, you can then move onto the next. 

In fact, a great way of tackling the home is to do one room each weekend over several months – now that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? 

  1. Organise a garage sale with the family

Use the Easter weekend to prepare for a garage sale with your family. Ask each family member – even your kids – to take one afternoon to sort through their belongings and put aside anything they no longer need or want. 

Once you have these items sorted, assess if you have enough for a garage sale. If you fall short, consider asking your neighbours to host a joint garage sale with you. 

Another option is selling unwanted items on website like eBay and Gumtree or within Facebook buy and swap groups. 

If you have enough items for a garage sale – pick a date in the upcoming weeks. Another great holiday activity is getting your kids to create signs that advertise the garage sale. You can hang these around your local neighbourhood or out the front of your house when the big day arrives. 

  1. Tackle odd jobs around the house

Do you have a wall that needs painting, or are you storing DIY supplies in your family room? Not only will these unfinished jobs be driving you crazy, they’re also creating unnecessary clutter in your home. 

Tackle these odd jobs to feel satisfied with the finished product and feel sorted again! 


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