4 Tips for a Quick & Easy Pantry Revamp

Is your pantry looking a little tired and worse for wear? Shelves crowded with food you and your family won’t eat? Lacking a system for food storage? 

Follow these quick and easy tips to revamp your pantry in a flash. 

  1. Refresh your pantry containers or jars

The number one thing any pantry needs are air tight containers or jars. No matter your favourite foods, having a system in place to store your food items is essential. 

We adore air tight containers as they’re easy to arrange (you can even get interconnecting ones), they’re light to move, and if dropped you don’t risk them shattering as you do with glass jars. 

An easy way to refresh your pantry containers is to create fresh new labels for them. Consider purchasing bright coloured labels and colour coding different food items according to type. You could use one colour for all your pasta products for example.

  1. Hang a shopping list notepad inside the pantry

Having a storage system in the pantry is step one. Keeping it stocked is step two. Hang a shopping list inside the pantry door and get your family into the habit or writing food items onto the list as they finish them. This ensures you’ll never be caught out needing an item for dinner that you thought was stocked.  

  1. Store bulk foods to the bottom

Another easy pantry fix is to consider the placement of food items inside the pantry. Keep larger, bulky and heavy items, such as potatoes near the bottom, and store light items like spare boxes of biscuits up higher. 

There is nothing worse than trying to move a big heavy box down from the top shelf. This will save you and your back energy. 

  1. Donate excess food to friends and family

Finally, do you have a corner inside your pantry full of food items you purchased with the intention of trying – but you never did? It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all done this before! Now is a great time to sort through your pantry and put aside any items you and your family will not eat. Sift through these and ensure they’re all within their use by date and then donate to friends and family. 

We all love food and being gifted it is no exception!


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