3 Uses For Filing Cabinets That Will Surprise You

Filing cabinets often belong in the realm of dust. They’re often shoved into the back corners of the office and give off an archaic, don’t touch me, vibe, especially now with the increase of electronic storage and trend towards a paperless life. 

However, the fact is, we don’t usually look at filing cabinets and ponder their possibilities of use, but we should. The opportunities you’ll find are limitless, and extend far beyond storing important documents in alphabetical order. 

Not convinced? Here are 3 uses that may surprise you.  

1. Family photo archives

We’ve all seen those photo storage boxes that are favoured on bookshelves and inside cupboards. They lend a neat system of storing your photos if your collection is small, or if the majority tends to reside on USB and memory cards. However, for the camera loving family who print copious photos, the boxes may be overflowing and in need of a thorough sorting. 

Filing cabinets can be utilised to store your photos in a neat, precise system that works for you. Consider filing them by date (yearly works best for photos) or member of the family featured. This way when someone asks for a particular photo, you’ll know right where to go. 

2. Kids homework/projects you want to keep

Here’s the scenario. 

Your kids have spent days working on their latest project for school. They hand it in and weeks later they finally bring it home with a huge grin across their face. They’re so proud of their work, as are you. You want to keep every project they create but don’t know how or where to store them safely. 

This is where filing cabinets enter the equation. Consider compartmentalising a drawer for your children. You can store important documents related to them within this drawer, as well as their projects, awards, certificates etc. It guarantees a safe place to keep these mementos.

3. DVD/CD storage

You’ve probably seen those DVD/CD storage sleeves hanging in stationary and home organisation shops. These can be fantastic for keeping your media collection sorted and can also reduce bulk by removing the pesky plastic cases. But where can you store these sleeves? 

Filing cabinets are a great alternative to bookcases or living room drawers, as they offer solid storage that is out of sight. Keep them in the lowest shelf of a filing cabinet in alphabetical order. This way all family members can reach them and understand what order they’re sorted in. 

Easy done! 


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