10 Signs It’s Time To Get Sorted

Are you wondering if it’s time to start sorting your home?

It can be tricky to know at first, but once you start to recognise the signs it becomes quite clear.  

If you relate to one or more of these points, it’s safe to say, it’s time to get sorted! 

You can’t find what you’re looking for

Are you wasting time looking for items around your house? Maybe you lost ten minutes this morning searching for matching shoes or you can never find the right serving dish at dinner time. 

You keep misplacing items

Have you misplaced your keys recently? What about items that you use every day? If you find yourself constantly putting something down and not being able to find it again, it’s generally time to get sorted. 

Your drawers and cupboards won’t close

It can be hard to admit this one. But if your drawers and cupboards can never close properly, there’s a good chance you need to declutter. Or create organisational systems that serve your space better. Sound familiar? 

You keep wasting food

Do you find yourself throwing out spoiled food at the end of each week? Not only is this bad for the environment but it’s a sting on your purse strings too. A sorted kitchen, pantry and refrigerator can ensure you never waste food again! 

You’re falling behind on home maintenance

Is it taking longer to clean your home? Maybe you need to move piles of junk around before you can clean, or you start the job and give up because of how overwhelmed you feel. Either way, this sign points to a larger issue and may indicate that it’s time to sort your space. 

You’re always looking for extra storage space

Hands up if you’re always looking for extra storage space! This should not be an issue unless you’re out shopping every day of the week. Instead, this implies that you could better use the space you have within your home. 

You feel distracted at home

Do you struggle to feel relaxed at home? If you can’t unwind after a busy day at work something is wrong and needs to be addressed. 

Your car won’t fit in your garage

Had your garage been taken over by boxes of stuff? You know the kind…those items you don’t want to part with but are unsure where to store. This isn’t the way to live a sorted life. 

You avoid having guests over

Are you ashamed to have friends and family over for dinner? Do you waste time worrying what they’ll think of your home or the chaos that awaits? Let us assure you, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You’re overwhelmed and anxious 

Finally, if you’re overwhelmed or anxious at the state of your home it’s 100% time to get sorted. You home should be a space for calm and relaxation. And as our motto says, less mess = less stress. 

Imagine trying this for yourself today! 


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