10 Bathroom Cabinet Sorting Tips

10 Bathroom Cabinet Sorting Tips

When is the last time you sorted your bathroom cabinet? Chances are it was too long ago, but that’s beside the point. 

We’ve put together a list of 10 bathroom cabinet sorting tips to ensure you get your bathroom cabinet sorted once and for all. 

Remove everything from the cabinet 

The easiest and best way to start sorting your bathroom cabinet is to remove every single item – trust us on this one! 

Throw away expired products

Did you know that cosmetics and beauty products have expiry dates? Most products sold in Australia are printed with a small symbol of a cream pot with a number beside/inside it. This number indicates how many months the product is good for after opening. 

Store most used products on eye level shelves

The products that are used most frequently should be kept on easy to reach shelves – preferably at eye level. 

Keep small items or tubes in containers

Small items and tubes can be clustered together by type and stores in larger containers. This is a particularly nifty solution for sorting lipsticks or toothpaste tubes. 

Store medicines and dangerous items up high 

Always keep potentially toxic items out of reach of children. The higher the shelf the better. 

Keep basic first aid supplies in an easy to grab spot

While you should keep toxic items up high, always ensure that a basic first aid kit is accessible to every member of your family. Include a few simple bandages, Band-Aids and antiseptic cream. 

Replace unattractive containers for matching dispensers

Matching dispensers for soap and body cream are a no brainer in our opinion! They look fantastic and work a treat too. 

Hang a cleaning cloth inside the cabinet door

Encourage every member of the family to give the basin a quick clean after each use by hanging a cleaning cloth inside the bathroom cabinet door. You won’t regret this step, trust us! 

Store spare hand towels in the bathroom

Hand towels are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Stop harmful germs from spreading by keeping a spare supply of hand towels in the bathroom cabinet and as our next point says, change them daily for top hygiene! 

Change hand towels daily for top hygiene 

Who’s ready to get their bathroom cabinet sorted? 


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