Keep Your Bathroom Sorted All Year Round

No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom. But it’s one area of the home you just cannot neglect. Without regular bathroom maintenance you’re opening the door to disorder and nasty bacteria growth. 

Let’s avoid this by discussing bathroom maintenance. 

There are a number of cleaning tasks that should be completed daily, without question. 

A handy tip is assigning an area of the bathroom to each family member. This will ensure that your bathroom is sparkling and clean all the time. Doing so also reduces the work load and energy required. 

We certainly like the sound of that. 

Daily Bathroom Maintenance

Open windows as often as possible – ensure that family members air out the bathroom after showering. The fresh air will help refresh the bathroom and remove moisture from building up. 

Put toiletries away – get into the habit of returning all products to where they belong. This means after brushing your teeth or shaving, you put the items used straight away. Easy! 

Keep cleaning supplies nearby – encourage bathroom maintenance by keeping small cleaning tools tactfully within the bathroom. You can attach small hooks to the inside of cabinets to hand microfiber cleaning cloths – these are great for touching up the basin and toilet. 

Wipe down the basin after each use – the basin can be a breeding ground for grime. Wipe down the sink with a microfiber cloth (tactfully hung as discussed above) and dry off the area. A simple wipe down does wonders! 

Disinfect your toilet daily – make cleaning the toilet easy by cutting an old towel into large squares and using them with a spirit based disinfectant to wipe the toilet from top to base every day. Also throw away any empty toilet roll holders. 

Clean the shower whilst showering – alert each family member that shampoo splashed onto glass shower areas can build up quickly. Rinse down all glass areas whilst showering. Simple! 

Replace handtowels every day – we hate to think of all the things people do with handtowels. From wiping out dirty basins or grime from their hands, it paints a nasty image. Handtowels need to be replaced and washed daily. No question about it. 

Ensure the floor is dry – mop up any excess water or damp areas to avoid bathroom hazards. 


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